DIY vs Professional Furnace Installation

Has your existing furnace been with you for about 15 years, and has it broken down many times in the last few years? Is it also making a lot of noise? Have you also noticed how your heating bills keep creeping up?

If so, it may already be time for a new furnace. Today’s models are quieter and far more efficient than their predecessors. This is especially true for ENERGY STAR-qualified models; they can be up to 15% more efficient.

Once you’ve decided to get a new unit, the next step is to compare DIY vs. professional furnace installation.

This guide will help you get started, so read on.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Furnace Installation

The primary advantage of DIY furnace installation is that you won’t have to pay labor costs. After all, you’ll do all the work yourself.

You’ll also feel fulfilled if you complete the installation yourself. You’ll be proud of yourself for a job well done.

The key phrase here is “job well done,” meaning the installation should be error-free. So, if you make a mistake, it can lead to more problems down the road, such as poor system performance.

You also risk voiding the furnace warranty if you DIY its installation. Most manufacturers require licensed HVAC professionals to install their products.

A more dangerous problem is incorrectly installing a gas line for a gas furnace. This can lead to natural gas leaks, which can cause health problems and even explosions.

The Cons and Perks of Professional Installation

The primary drawback to professional furnace installation is the cost. Remember: You’re hiring someone to do the work for you, so you’d have to pay them for their hard work.

However, that cost is easily outweighed by the expertise and experience of HVAC professionals. With their skills and knowledge, they can safely install your new furnace. Likewise, it’ll take them far less time to complete the installation than if you did it yourself.

HVAC professionals can also help you select an appropriate furnace size. They’ll even advise you on the maintenance tasks you can do between tune-ups. For example, they can teach you steps on heating and AC filter cleaning or replacement and HVAC troubleshooting.

Moreover, professionals back their work with HVAC servicing guarantees. This is on top of the warranty you’d get from your furnace’s manufacturer.

HVAC professionals also have the appropriate insurance coverage. This protects you, the homeowner, from subpar heating and AC services. It also frees you of liability in case something happens while the pros work on your property.

DIY vs. Professional Furnace Installation: The Latter Is Your Best Bet

Between DIY vs. professional furnace installation, the latter is undoubtedly your best, safest bet. While you can do some DIY furnace maintenance tasks, its installation is best left in the hands of professionals.

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