Electrical Repair Services in Pittsburgh, PA

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Pittsburgh Electrical Repair Services

South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC knows that an electrical malfunction can occur at any time. Electrical problems need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent severe damage to your home or business. We provide efficient electrical repair services in Pittsburgh, PA and keep replacement parts on hand for your convenience and comfort.

Pittsburgh Electricians Are Ready To Help

South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC provides top-notch electrical repair services with its team of certified Pittsburgh electricians. Are you wondering if you have a wiring problem in your house? South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC’s technicians can diagnose the problem quickly and will ensure the repair is long-lasting and safe.

Pittsburgh Electrical Repair — Wiring

Outdated wiring is dangerous! Faulty wiring in a house can result in an electrical fire. This disaster could put you, your home, or your business in harm’s way. Old wiring may malfunction and become faulty due to the increased strain put on them by modern conveniences. Updating your home’s wiring is essential to avoiding these kinds of issues, and South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC can help!

Modern Electrical Products & Services Can Help Protect Your Home Or Office

South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC provides many electrical repair services, both residential and light commercial. These services include breaker box installation, service lines, troubleshooting, and 3-way Switching. By having modern fixtures installed in your home or office, you can help safeguard yourself against electrical malfunctions and the possibility of an electrical fire.

Pittsburgh Electricians Specialty Services

  • Breaker Box installation
  • Emergency Back-up Generators
  • Service Lines
  • 220 Lines
  • Lighting System Refurbishing/Retrofitting
  • Lighting Control System Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Including Low-Voltage
  • Landscape/Walkway Applications
  • Phone/Cable
  • Exhaust Fans/Ventilation Systems
  • New Wiring/Rewiring
  • Outlets
  • Troubleshooting
  • Computer Lines
  • Pools Spas & Hot Tubs
  • Switched Outlets
  • Arc Fault Breakers
  • 3-Way Switching

Electrical Service Providers In The Pittsburgh Area

We have composed a list of the significant electrical service companies and their emergency numbers that serve Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for your convenience.

Electrical Safety Tips

It is wise never to overload your circuits. If you need to plug in more than two plugs, use a surge protector. Also, take note that three-pronged plugs should only be plugged into an outlet or extension cord designed for three-pronged plugs. South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC can help better equip your electrical system for the electrical load currently operating your home or office.