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Knowing the coldest temperature in Pittsburgh was minus 22 degrees will put a chill in your bones.

When winter sets in, and you’re cozying up at home in Pittsburgh, the last thing you want is your furnace acting up. While some issues can be resolved with a little DIY magic, knowing when to call in the pros is equally crucial.

When do you need a professional furnace repair? These are the top signs you need a Pittsburgh heating expert.

Strange Noises

One of the first signs something may be amiss with your furnace is strange noises. If you hear rattling, banging, or squealing sounds coming from your heating system, it’s time to investigate.

Start by turning off the furnace and checking for loose components. Tighten any loose screws or bolts as these can sometimes be the culprits. If the strange noises persist, it might be time to Google “heating and cooling near me” to find a professional in Pittsburgh who can diagnose and fix the issue.

Strange Smells

Another telltale sign your furnace is not in optimal condition is strange smells. If you notice an unusual or pungent odor coming from your heating system, this could be a sign of a problem. A musty or burning smell could indicate issues with your furnace’s ventilation or electrical components.

In such cases, it’s best to turn off the furnace right away. Contact a heating and cooling maintenance expert near you in Pittsburgh to assess the situation and make necessary repairs.

High Utility Bills

Have your utility bills suddenly skyrocketed? While this might not be as evident as strange noises or smells, it’s a crucial indicator of furnace troubles. A malfunctioning furnace works harder to produce heat, which leads to increased energy consumption.

If your bills are much higher than usual, consider getting a free furnace estimate from a heating and cooling specialist in Pittsburgh. They can identify the source of the problem and help you save on energy costs in the long run.

Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light is a small but crucial component of your furnace. If you have a gas furnace, the pilot light needs to be lit for the furnace to operate. If you notice the pilot light keeps going out, it’s a sign of potential issues.

Before you jump to conclusions, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for relighting it. If it continues to go out, it’s time to call in a furnace repair professional in Pittsburgh to inspect and repair the problem.

It’s Been a Long Time Since a Furnace Inspection

Regular furnace inspections are a proactive way to prevent major problems. Even if your furnace seems to be working fine, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual check-up.

After searching “heating near me,” a specialist can identify anything that could become a big problem.

Do You Need a Furnace Repair in Pittsburgh?

A functioning furnace is vital for staying warm during Pittsburgh’s chilly winters. By paying attention to strange noises, strange smells, high utility bills, and pilot light issues, you can detect furnace problems early and get professional help.

Does your Pittsburgh home need a furnace repair? Contact South Hills Electric to schedule a visit right away.