HVAC efficiency

Pennsylvania residents, buckle up. Electricity rates have risen by as much as 73% in recent years. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of that upward trend changing. West Mifflin residents know better than most how these skyrocketing utility costs can hurt your wallet. You have to do everything you can to lower your energy bills, otherwise, you’ll be short a hefty chunk of change come the end of each month. One of the biggest offenders that causes said ballooning bills is poor HVAC efficiency.

A system that is running in prime condition is a system that takes less energy. So, in this guide, we look at ways to lower your energy bill by increasing HVAC efficiency.

Swap Out Your Filters

Your filters are the only barrier between you and the nastiness of the outside world. They trap pet dander, pollen and allergens, bacteria, and even pesky viruses. They do a great job of this, but only for so long.

Experts recommend that you replace your filters at least once every six months. For the best performance, you can replace them once every month or three months.

This doesn’t just improve your air quality; it helps the system run better. A clogged filter staunches efficient airflow, forcing your system to work harder. A clean filter allows it to breeze right on through, lowering your energy bill.

Change Your Thermostat

With extreme temperatures, it’s a natural reaction to crank the thermostat. Obviously, this does no favors to your wallet when the bill arrives. Consider going a few degrees above or below your preferred temperature to save money.

There are also a number of hacks you can use to reduce your HVAC burden. You can do a full shutdown when leaving on vacation for more than a few days. Otherwise, you can lower the temperature when you’re out.

Consider running your HVAC system to a temperature above what you’re used to at night. Electricity tends to be cheaper when everyone is asleep. Then, you allow the home’s insulation to keep in that heat or cold for the rest of the day.

Check for Leaks

Your HVAC system might be in perfect running order. The problem, instead, could be an unseen leak somewhere in your home.

This might be a gap in the window sill, a hole in the wall, or cracks in the air ducts. These seemingly minor openings can leak hundreds of dollars worth of nice, warm air over time. You might search high and low for these leaks but find nothing.

Have an HVAC company come through your home and examine it bow to stern. They know from experience how to locate these hard-to-spot leaks. In no time at all, they can seal up your home and bring HVAC efficiency back to 100%.

Hire an Expert for Optimal HVAC Efficiency

HVAC efficiency depends on a number of small factors. Bad filters or leaks in your home result in increasingly higher utility bills. Hiring a West Mifflin HVAC company can get your heating back up and running in record time.

South Hills Electric in Pittsburgh can give your system a needed AC and heating tune-up. Drop us a line, and we’ll head out ASAP.