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For the first time in a long time, an El Niño winter is expected after the last three winters have been taken over by La Niña. This means that Northeasterners might experience a warmer-than-normal winter this year.

Even so, West Mifflin, PA can get very cold during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to know the best tips for proper heating maintenance to stay warm and comfortable.

Keep reading to learn three of them.

1. Filter Inspection and Replacement

An important component of heating maintenance in West Mifflin is filter inspection and replacement. The filters in your heating system help keep the air clear and dander-free.

In a central heating system, warm air moves through ductwork to heat the home room by room.

Clogged air filters cause dust and other particles to enter the home. Air contaminated with dust and particles is hazardous to the people breathing in the air.

A professional home heating technician can inspect every air filter to check if they are clean. Because filters are relatively inexpensive, they are usually replaced if they are dirty.

2. Furnace Inspection, Repair, and Replacement

Heating repair might be necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature during the colder months. Repairs are generally less expensive than replacements but more expensive than general heating maintenance costs.

If you have a furnace, you are heating your home with air pushed through your rooms by a motor and a fan.

Furnaces that aren’t properly inspected and maintained can circulate contaminated air throughout your home. Dirt and dust can build up in a furnace and cause fire hazards.

To maintain a furnace properly, you need to keep the area around the burner clean and clear at all times. Consider following these DIY furnace troubleshooting tips to know when to call a pro.

A complete inspection from a West Mifflin heating service will determine whether your issues can be repaired or if you need a replacement. If you’ve had your furnace for over 10 years, you’ll probably need a replacement.

3. Duct Inspection and Replacement

Air ducts in a furnace and central heating system transport warm air throughout the home. Insulation in duct systems can tear or break down causing heat to be released inside the walls or other areas where insulation is not needed.

Because air isn’t heating the home in this case, thermostats will incorrectly detect a lower home temperature. This causes the system to work hard to make up the difference.

Heating system technicians in West Mifflin can inspect your ductwork to ensure that there is a proper connection that delivers warm air throughout the home. They can also recommend new insulation or replacement insulation.

Hire Heating Maintenance Technicians in West Mifflin, PA

South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, LLC is your one-stop shop for all of your heating maintenance needs in West Mifflin, PA.

As temperatures continue to drop, your heating system must be inspected and maintained to ensure proper efficiency.

Our professional technicians can inspect filters, furnaces, and air ducts. If necessary, we can repair or replace these components so that you stay comfortable in your home this winter.

There’s no time to waste. Request a heating estimate from South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling LLC now.