electrician in Pittsburgh

You probably don’t give much thought to electrical services.

That is, of course, until an emergency hits. It’s then that many homeowners realize the importance of having a trusted, prompt, and expert electrician on hand to fix your electrical issues.

This guide will help you find an electrician in Pittsburgh that you can rely on for any issue at any time. Read on to learn more.

1. Focus on Experience

Experience is vital in the world of electrics. It means a faster fix and a trustworthy contractor who can do a thorough job safely. When choosing an electrician, ensure experience is the first thing you check.

Look for solid evidence of previous work and a track record for excellent results.

You should also check specialist knowledge, depending on what you need fixed. For example, only some electricians-like our team-may know how to fix backup generators.

2. Check the Paperwork

A professional electrician must have specific paperwork by law, including evidence of licensing and insurance.

In Pittsburgh, all electricians must have an Electrical Trade License. That means they’ve passed an exam and can legally work on electrical systems in property or commercial settings.

Liability insurance is another must. It protects you as the customer. If something goes wrong, the insurance will cover accidents or damage to people and property.

3. Always Check References

Sales pages will tell you whether an electrician has the right experience and paperwork. But you should always do your due diligence, which means checking references.

Before hiring an electrician, ask the company to supply you with a customer reference and ensure you follow this up. It’s also worth reading customer reviews on independent websites.

Comments from past clients will tell you whether the company is reliable, has the right expertise, and demonstrates excellent customer service.

4. Get a Breakdown of Services When Requesting a Quote

It’s standard practice to get several quotes before choosing a contracting team. When you do this, ask for a breakdown of what’s included in that service and ensure you have a clear idea of any exclusions.

That will make it easier to compare like-for-like since the cheapest isn’t always the best option if it doesn’t include all the services you need.

5. Don’t Forget About Customer Service Skills

Excellent customer service skills are as crucial for electrical contractors as any other company. You can use your initial interactions with your shortlisted companies to get a feel for this.

Look for responsiveness when returning calls and a willingness to answer your questions. Check customer reviews for important qualities like maintaining a clean work area and promptness when visiting properties.

Finding the Best Electrician in Pittsburgh

A good electrician in Pittsburgh will provide reliable, high-quality service, which you need when you have an electrical problem. Use these tips to help you choose the right one.

At South Hills Electric, Heating & Cooling, we have extensive experience with a wide range of electrical issues. Our review pages feature many happy customers in Pittsburgh. So contact our team now for your no-obligation quote.